Thousands of children in East and South Africa do not have the opportunity to visit a primary school. This often concerns orphans and children from poor families. Through Foundation All Nations hundreds of children are being helped attending school. At the same time these children are exposed to the Gospel.

Education, medical care and supportbegeleiding

Through Foundation All Nations you have the possibility to sponsor a child. For only € 15 a month you can help a child! For this amount a child will receive education, access to medical care and hear the Gospel in Sunday school, youth camps and through Bible courses.

Do you want to help?

Do you also want to help children from Africa and sponsor one of them for € 15 a month?
On this page you will find children from various countries for whom the local brethren are still looking for a sponsor. You can choose one or more from these. Once you click on one of them, a form will appear, where you can leave your details. On behalf of the children, Thank you very much!

See also Sponsorship students.

Do you have any questions regarding sponsorship? You can send an email to

Uwase Ange
13 years
Peace Neema
11 years
Joel Mutuku
11 years
Rolex James
12 years
Paul Mucia
16 years
Luka Mucia
16 years
Angel Mwake
14 years
Mike Joseph
16 years
John Opango
18 years