All Nations foundation receives donations that enable us to teach the Word of God and preach the gospel, both orally and in writing. Bible conferences and youth camps are regularly organised, after which brochures on the taught topics are often distributed in several languages.

The preaching of the gospel

The main objectives are:

  • Preaching the gospel as it is presented in the Bible: repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Giving teaching from the Bible about Christian life, involving:
    – the individual aspect through subjects like repentance, forgiveness of sins, salvation, reconciliation with God, justification, etc. and
    – the collective aspect through subjects like the assembly of God, meetings of believers, their worldwide ties of unity, etc.
  • Distribution of sound literature and teaching how to read and write in several languages in order to achieve and support these objectives
  • Offering socio-medical help through small-scale projects and first aid clinics in combination with sound Bible teaching
  • Providing socio-medical help in the countries where we work in close cooperation with local brothers who supervise appropriate investment of microcredit

All Nations foundation is mainly involved in countries in East and South Africa. In this area, believers from several continents are active. A report of each country is available, composed of newsletters from the last few years.

Work area

All Nations foundation works mainly in areas of East and South Africa. In our field, believers from various continents are active.

Sponsor a child

Thousands of children in East and South Africa have no opportunity to attend a primary school, particularly orphans and children from poor families.

Cooperation with other foundations

Foundation All Nations receives donations from persons and fellowships both from the Netherlands and abroad. These funds are supposed to be supplementary; the local brethren cooperate according to their abilities and capabilities. We also working together with other foundations, like The Fund for Christian Service or Uit het Woord der Waarheid.

You can help too, for example by sponsoring a child for € 15 a month. For more information see: the sponsor page