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Thousands of children in East and South Africa do not have the opportunity to go to primary school. Predominantly these are orphans and children from poor families.

Through the foundation we could help THOUSANDS of children, especially in East Africa.
The support is given in such a way that the children also hear the gospel at the same time.

A € 180 contribution (or € 15 monthly) covers the annual needs for one child.

The brethren in Rwanda have started a project in consultation and administrative cooperation with the local authorities. These authorities want us to support 5,000 orphans in their area, but we were allowed to start with 200. For these 200 children already € 36,000 is necessary each year. Again in consultation with the authorities these children also attend youth camps and follow Bible courses.

You will find more information here: sponsor a child

You can transfer your contribution to below bank account (dedicated to sponsorship):

Stichting aan alle volken
Hellenbeekstraat 96
8081 HZ Elburg
The Netherlands

IBAN/SEPA: NL05 INGB 0005 9891 95

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Your contribution

Would you like to make use of the opportunity to reach children with the gospel in various countries? Please send an email to ellen.meijnen@all-nations.nl.
You will then receive a form from one os the sisters carrying responsibility in this work.

Your children could also help these orphans and children from poor families in various ways. One example: one of Hilvert Wijnholds’ granddaughters started making bracelets, which she sells for € 5. Through this work she contributed over € 200!

Gospel outreach to sponsored children

Sponsored children, Kigali, Rwanda

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Would you like to use the opportunity to reach many children with the gospel in several countries?

Marriage and family life is being disrupted increasingly everywhere today, and in Africa as well. This is caused by traditions that deviate from the Word and through influences from western society. Therefore these conferences meet a real need, especially for young families and their children.