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Building activities in Mputu

In last few years it became very evident that for Bible conferences in North-eastern Congo there is a great need of our own plot with a large meeting hall, a Christian bookstore and dormitories. We were able to buy a sizeable plot in Mputu, Mambasa, at a reasonable price, where a large meeting hall, a Bible Centre, a small clinic, three dormitories and a few houses for brothers who bear responsibilities for the Lord’s work in this part of North-eastern Congo have been built, after many years of hard labour by the local brothers.

Since they have begun to live at the Bible Conference Centre (BCC), the number of brothers and sisters of the local assembly in Mputu has tripled and many neighbours attend the meetings on Sunday, including a growing number of Pygmies from six different settlements in the forest opposite our BCC.

One of the brothers who lives at the BCC is responsible to regularly till the back part of our property, the greater part of which is still forest. This enables local brothers to plant their gardens in order to obtain more food for their families.

He also plans to fence the whole property, including the gardens, with a strong hedge for protection. Then he will plant a large garden, including fruit trees and vegetables for, among other things, the various Bible conferences, family conferences and youth camps.

Many local brothers and sisters have performed heavy labour on the building plot. They cleared many trees from the plot, removed the stumps manually and transported building materials either on their backs or heads, walking long distances. They then manufactured and burned the thousands of bricks in self-constructed kilns and built the walls of the building.

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