Get involved

The call GET INVOLVED is aimed at those who seek opportunities and use them to realise the objectives of the foundation, those who prayerfully ask themselves whether the Lord wants to use them not just to use them in their hometown but also elsewhere.

The list of activities and projects makes clear there are many possibilities to use the talents the Lord has given you. The emphasis is on those activities of which the brothers in the countries concerned have indicated they (still) need help in this.

At you can read reports of youth camps held in various countries with the help of young brothers and sisters from the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Canada

In several areas, help is needed with construction work and agricultural projects. Over the past years, the brothers in Northeastern Congo have learned much from masons and carpenters from the Netherlands and Canada. Do you have skills in these areas or similar Activities and Projects and you want to get involved? Get in touch through

Youth camps for boys John Redekop (

Youth camps for girls (

Listen to Hilvert Wijnholds’ introduction on “Get involved” (Eastern Bible Conference, PA, USA):
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Youth camps

More and more young people leave their villages and small towns (too) early, to continue their studies in the big city. They often stay with family members who do not live a Scriptural life. For these young people it is important to leave this environment full of temptation and sin and to hear the gospel and biblical teaching. We are very thankful for the help of the teams of young brothers and sisters from Europe and America, who do both spiritual and practical work in these countries, with the aim of transferring knowledge and skills. For example, organising youth camps for boys/young brothers and girls/young sisters, where they prepare and discuss the subjects and teach them technical skills. The contacts between the local young people with their peers also contribute to a richer exchange of experiences in their Christian walk.

The local sisters appreciate the help of French and/or English-speaking young people in the camps for girls and young sisters. This was seen during several visits in Northeastern Congo, where teams of young people from the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland have been able to give very supportive help. In Uganda, the help of English-speaking young brothers and sisters is much appreciated. Through these activities, the brethren in these countries learn to organise better and continue to organise these important youth camps.

Construction and agriculture

Are you a handyman? In several places, help is needed in construction work. Over the past years, the brothers in Northeastern Congo have learned a lot from masons and carpenters from the Netherlands and North America. Due to this, they can continue this crucial work, also after the foreign helpers have left.

Through the foundation’s contacts with organisations in the countries concerned it is possible to build an important network for knowledge and experience exchange.