All Nations foundation channels funds to associations and foundations in countries where the activities of the foundation are carried out. Local brothers in these countries manage these funds. The objectives are the same in every country, although the activities are determined by special needs in the countries concerned. In this way the funds are spent effectively and fairly.


In the countries where All Nations foundation is expanding its activities, administrative groups of brothers have been formed that manage the funds transferred to them through the foundation for carrying out its objectives.

National brothers bear the main responsibility in the countries in question. They manage the funds transferred to them through their bank accounts or in cash during visits. Hilvert Wijnholds was involved in the founding of these administrative groups and is a counsellor of each of them.

  • The administrative group is responsible to the governmental offices with regard to the public activities that the Lord gives us to do in His work, formulated in:
    the statutes with their objectives
  • the by-laws (or internal rules)
  • instructions for the board.

The responsibility of the brothers who are members of these groups is limited to the material aspects of the work:

  • Management of funds, already allocated after deliberation for the expenses of, for example, Bible conferences, youth camps, printing of booklets and gospel tracts, building projects and visits
  • Maintenance of movable and immovable properties that belong to the foundation
  • Importation, transport, and distribution of Christian literature in these countries

The objectives are the same in each country (see also OBJECTIVES of All Nations), although the activities depend on the special needs in the country in question (see below).

  • Hilvert Wijnholds and other brothers (see newsletters) regularly visit these countries to:
    attend Bible conferences and visit assemblies
  • attend the discussions about progress and the annual meetings of the administrative groups
  • consult on current matters with the board
  • counsel on projects like teaching how to read and write, translation work, promotion of health care, and small-scale gardening and agricultural projects.


The foundation receives funds from persons and local assemblies at home and abroad. Besides direct transfers to the All Nations foundation, funds are also transferred through other foundations that pass on such funds to All Nations. These funds are meant to be supplementary: the local population in the African lands contribute according to their means and abilities.

In most countries an administrative group is required that is responsible to the governmental offices concerning the public activities that the Lord gives us to do in His work. The responsibility of the brothers who are members of these groups is limited to the material aspects of the work. In each administrative group some brothers together form a board for the daily routine matters.

Four times a year they draw up a budget for the coming three months, asking the Lord to provide funds for the needs listed in the budget. Four times a year these brothers are assisted by a committee of workers that checks the accounting with them. During the annual meeting, all documents are discussed, and after that they are submitted to the appropriate officials. This administrative work requires much time, both at home after consideration by email or phone, and during visits. But this is necessary to carry on in an orderly way the ‘ministry of the gospel’ and the ‘ministry of the assembly’ (Col.1:23-25).

2 Corinthians 8

During one of the abovementioned discussions, a brother from Uganda called 2 Corinthians 8 ‘the chapter of accountancy’. He emphasized that a good administrative structure is necessary, but that such a structure is only effective through the spiritual minds and efforts of those that are mentioned in 2 Corinthians 8.

Cooperation with other Foundations

The All Nations foundation carries on its activities in several countries in East and South Africa. It also receives funds for this through other foundations at home and abroad which have the same purpose, but render support and help worldwide, such as:

Stichting “Uit het Woord der Waarheid”
Postbus 260
7120 AG Aalten

Stiftung Freunde Christliche Mission und Wohltätigkeit
Eiershaüser Str 54
35713 Eschenburg

Collaboration Oeuvre du Seigneur
C.P. 95
1816 Chailly-Montreux

Association pour le Soutien au Message de l’Evangile
39 avenue de Branne
33370 Tresses

Oeuvre dans le Monde asbl
Rue des Merciers 14
1300 Wavre

UK Foundation for Christian Service
5, Fir Close, Barnby, Beccles
NR34 7QE

The Fund for Christian Service
1309 Canopy Oaks Drive
Minneola, Florida 34765-5692

Foundation of Christian Service
9 Tracey Road St.

Financial accountability

The annual reports from 2012 onwards are published on our website. The financial position is accounted for in the annual report.

The activities

The activities of All Nations foundation are focused on the implementation of the following objectives:

  • Visits in East and South Africa which are reported in circular letters (see: Newsletters)
  • Support of the many activities of local workers, including their travel, and communication with them via e-mail and mobile phone
  • Organisation of Bible conferences, family conferences, youth camps, courses on gardening and agriculture and similar projects
  • Distribution of Bibles, Bible-based literature and gospel tracts; organization of literacy programs; renting/building/maintaining Bible centres including furnishings and rooms to hold Christian meetings
  • Arrangement of the administrative and financial obligations arising from the activities related to the implementation of the objectives
  • Maintaining regular contact regarding the daily management of foundations in East and South Africa, mentioned under finances
  • Distributing funds to the foundations based on audited quarterly budgets
  • Collaboration with committees of local brothers who check the accounts of these foundations four times a year
  • Maintaining contact with foundations and individuals at home and abroad who transfer funds to All Nations foundation