In 2000, during a visit of Hilvert Wijnholds to Uganda, brothers and sisters who had corresponded for a long time with brothers from French-speaking Switzerland were also visited in Rwanda. Several visits followed and in recent years Bible conferences and youth camps have taken place regularly. Christian bookshops and meeting halls were built in the capital Kigali, in Nyamata and in Cyangugu (Kamembe). In four other places, believers also gather unto the name of the Lord.

Special needs:

  • Systematic biblical teaching
  • Translation work
  • Literacy
  • Support of local workers
  • Help at camps for boys / young brothers and girls / young sisters
  • English speaking sisters from Europe/America who feel called by the Lord to work among girls and sisters. They could also give courses in English in Kigali and/or in Nyamata and in Kamembe, which creates good contacts for gospel outreach. There is good housing and security.