Brothers and sisters from Congo left for Randburg (near Johannesburg) in the nineties to make a living there. In 2008 they started gathering in a rented space, in which there is a Christian bookshop and a meeting room. In addition to the meetings on Sunday, Bible studies also take place during the week.

Two years ago, a large house was purchased in Blairgowrie (Randburg). A few interior walls had to be demolished, resulting in a spacious meeting room and rooms for Sunday school and youth work. The double garage was converted and expanded into a Christian bookstore.

Brother Tony Egglestone, whose family has been living in South Africa for several generations, has recently retired and is now fully committed to the work of the Lord in his country.

Special needs:

  • Support for local workers who speak English
  • More literature in the ten official languages ​​of South Africa, especially written by faithful believers from Africa
  • Travel funds for local workers

More time available for:

  • Sunday school and youth work in the rooms that are available in the newly altered building
  • Distribution of tracts by young people assisted by older brothers, especially at bus stations where many travellers go to regions far from Randburg/Johannesburg
  • Visiting schools in Randburg and the surrounding area to distribute tracts and brochures for children and students
  • Translation of tracts and brochures in the Zulu language and in the other languages ​​of South Africa like Xhosa, Sotho, Tswana and Venda
  • Meetings and personal talks with homeless people
  • Monthly Bible studies on weekends by brother Tony Egglestone