A brother from the border town of Busia (Eastern Uganda / Western Kenya), Wepukhulu James, received literature from GBV in 2011 and came into contact with brother Ssemutereke Deo from Central Uganda a few years ago. Brother Wepukhulu James had found out that the teaching in the brochures he had received corresponded with the Scriptures. He was therefore very grateful to hear that elsewhere in Uganda there were brothers and sisters who implemented this teaching, in particular gathering unto the name of the Lord. Through James there have been contacts with a large number of groups of believers in Eastern Uganda and Tanzania.

A dozen or so Tanzanian brothers, who also attended the Bible conference in Busia, asked again if we could hold a Bible conference in their area in Tanzania where they have contact with about fifty groups, especially in the town of Kigoma and surroundings. Brothers from Kigoma also attended Bible conferences in Kigali, Rwanda.