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From 1999, Hilvert Wijnholds accompanied Ernie Barnes not only during his travels in Kenya, but also in Uganda and North-eastern Congo. Over the past 14 years, the work in Uganda has been greatly expanded, especially by faithful local workers and the regular Bible conferences and youth camps in Kampala, Kasese and Busia. In the past few years three local assemblies have come into being in the Kampala area and the interest in the principles of gathering unto the name of the Lord is still growing.

In Kasese (Western Uganda), Mukono (Central Uganda) and Busia (Eastern Uganda), we have a Bible Centre where Christian literature is distributed in English, Lhukonzo and Luganda. There is also a meeting hall in the Bible Centres of Kasese and Mukono.

In the town of Busia (Eastern Uganda), we were able to buy a large plot of a former school at a reasonable price. This site is walled, has wide metal entrance doors and there are five classrooms, toilets and a small house. The rooms can be converted into dormitories and the site is large enough for a large meeting hall, a Bible Centre and dormitories.  Busia is on the border between Uganda and Kenya, so brothers and sisters from these countries can easily attend Bible conferences together.

Special needs:

  • Systematic biblical teaching
  • Translation work
  • Literacy
  • Support of local workers
  • Construction of a Christian bookstore, a meeting hall and dormitories in Busia

English speaking sisters from Europe/America who feel a call from the Lord to work among girls and sisters. They could also give courses in English in Mukono (Kampala), building good contacts.  There is good housing and security.