Translation work

In many villages, the inhabitants hardly speak or understand English and French. Brothers regularly translate booklets about biblical and practical subjects for them into their own languages. A hymn book has been translated and published in five languages: Kinyarwanda, Swahili Congo, Swahili Kenya, Lhukonzo and Luganda. We are also thankful for your support of brother Mukama Gerard from Rwanda, which enabled him to travel to Uganda several times in order to help with the translation of brochures from English into Lukonzo and Luganda.

Brothers from Uganda recently translated Bible courses and a few books into these two languages, including “The book of Romans” and “The book of First Corinthians” by brother Tim Hadley, revised by brother Mukama Gerard.
Brother Gerard also finished the translation of the booklet, “Five Villages”, by G. André, into Kyniarwanda. All the brothers and sisters who could read received their own personal copy after a conference about this subject.He also finished a translation of a commentary on the book of Ruth and a list of 61 Bible terms that he had copied from the website “Bibliquest”. This dictionary is very important because the translation of the Bible in Kyniarwanda does not render a number of expressions very well, weakening their meaning.

Brother Gerard has also translated the book, “Building Blocks of Christianity”, by Tim Hadley, into Kyniarwanda.
They have printed 100 copies using the digital copier in the Kigali Bible Centre. Some brochures, published in French by our sisters Birgit and Marion in Cameroon, have been read with much interest in Rwanda and Congo. These brochures offer good material to use at youth camps for girls and boys, as well as at Bible conferences for married couples and families. Brother Gerard translated the books, “A Mother According to the Heart of God”, “A Young Woman According to the Heart of God”, and “A Young Man According to the Heart of God”, into Kyniarwanda. Brother Kitsa Thomas (Goma, North-eastern Congo) translated these books into Swahili.

The two brothers from Mayuano, Malisawa Jean Pierre and Mangwasi Paul—who are teaching reading, writing, and numeracy to brothers and sisters and others in villages along the road between Mambasa and Mayuano—have translated 100 songs into Swahili from the French hymn book, “Come to Me”. They also translated F B Hole’s commentaries on John and Acts. Brother Kitsa Thomas from Goma (North-eastern Congo) is proofreading these commentaries as well as songs for children. He has contributed significantly to the translation of spiritual songs into Swahili and continues translations into this language.

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