Distribution of teaching materials

Increasingly we have opportunities to distribute booklets and Bible courses in secondary schools. The larger part of this material has been written by serious African believers who are very well informed about the problems experienced by many young people in their countries. A few brothers and sisters are very active in the preaching of the gospel in schools, combining it with AIDS education. There are books directed at encouraging Christians to live a faithful life, particularly in terms of sexual relationships. HIV and AIDS are a real scourge in many countries, and African Christians have written Bible-based books on how to deal with both.

Our sisters are allowed to preach the gospel regularly in a large number of primary and secondary schools. The visits in these schools also offer them a good opportunity to talk about the Bible with the teachers.

Foundation All Nations

All Nations foundation receives donations that enable us to teach the Word of God and preach the gospel, both orally and in writing. Bible conferences and youth camps are regularly...

Would you like to use the opportunity to reach many children with the gospel in several countries?

Marriage and family life is being disrupted increasingly everywhere today, and in Africa as well. This is caused by traditions that deviate from the Word and through influences from western society. Therefore these conferences meet a real need, especially for young families and their children.