Conference centre Mputu, Northeastern Congo

In the past is became very clear that there was a great need for a plot with a large meeting room, a Bible centre and dormitories for the Bible conferences in Northeastern Congo. We have been able to buy a large plot in Mputu, Mambasa, where – after many years of hard labour by the local brothers – these things have been taken into use.
The local brethren have done a lot of hard and heavy labour on the construction site. They cut down many trees in the jungle, removed all the stumps by hand and transported many construction materials on theirs backs and heads over long distances! They also made tens of thousands of bricks and baked them in self constructed ovens. These bricks were used to construct the walls of the various buildings

See video clips beneath:

1. Rolling away the big stumps

2. The sisters, used to heavy labour on the fiels and in the kitchens, insisted in helping!

Above mentioned conferences can best be realised on a fenced terrain with dormitories with proper oversight, especially during the youth camps. We know from experience that great difficulties and disorder can arise when such constructions and oversight are lacking. These are one-off investments which allow for realisation of regular spiritual and social activities. We’re very thankful for the help of a construction team in Mputu, from the Netherlands over the years 2011 till 2014.


Your contribution

Your contributions for these projects are most welcome:

– funds for the water tower and other construction work
– teams for a couple of weeks
– funds for the maintenance costs of the cars, truck and tractor.

The technical brothers have suggested to replace the cars and motor bikes. The current Toyota Hilux is of immense service when visiting the assemblies and groups and the realisation of all projects, but now needs to be replaced as the maintenance costs are too high.


Building activities in Mputu, December 2013

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Marriage and family life is being disrupted increasingly everywhere today, and in Africa as well. This is caused by traditions that deviate from the Word and through influences from western society. Therefore these conferences meet a real need, especially for young families and their children.