Bible Centre in Randburg, South Africa

The Bible Centre in Randburg was opened in 2008 by brothers and sisters who had come from Congo to Randburg to make a living.

In 2012, two brothers joined them, originally from Mozambique. They have been working in the gold mines in the Welcome region for more than twenty years. One of them, Brother Timbe Ismael, has now returned to his country—Mozambique—where he serves the Lord full time. He comes to Randburg a few times a year, where he is a big help in both spiritual and administrative work.
In 2016 another brother joined those who gather to the name of the Lord in Randburg. His family has been living in South Africa for several generations. This could open a door to more contacts with the South African population.
The official language in the meetings has been changed from French to English. This is because French is not among the eleven official languages in South Africa. Most brothers speak English well now.

The gospel outreach, however, is hampered by a lack of local brothers who speak English, Zulu or Afrikaans.

Special needs

  • Local brothers who speak English, Zulu and Afrikaans fluently
  • Integration of the brothers and sisters from Congo into the South African society, to build up more contacts for preaching the gospel and teaching the truth about the assembly.

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Marriage and family life is being disrupted increasingly everywhere today, and in Africa as well. This is caused by traditions that deviate from the Word and through influences from western society. Therefore these conferences meet a real need, especially for young families and their children.