Bible Conference Centre BCC), Mputu, Northeastern Congo

We are very thankful for the help of our brothers Larry Stassel (USA), John Redekop and his son Jason, and Mike deJonge (Canada). From the very beginning they were involved in the planning and implementation of the building activities. Without their technical supervision and help, the brothers and sisters would not have the current buildings.

Brother Larry Stassel has been involved in the Lord’s work in North-eastern Congo since 1984 and he has attended many Bible conferences there.
Brothers John, Jason and Mike have made several visits in the last few years to roof the buildings, together with the help of local brothers who have learned a lot from this collaboration.

Several times, Bible conferences took place before starting the building activities. Brothers John and Tim wrote in a report about the conference in the Bible Conference Centre (BCC) or Centre d’Études Bibliques, in Mputu (February, 2017): “With three dorms now near completion, there were many rooms available to properly and in an orderly manner house the saints for the duration of the conference. With so many saints coming from long distances to one central location, they are able to enjoy fellowship in the Word around the Lord together which would otherwise be impossible”.

Help from a team of young brothers from Europe:
For many, many years, brothers from Mombasa and other assemblies have been working very hard with axes and machetes in the forest to clear a plot and make it suitable for a building site. They have shaped, dried and burned hundreds of thousands of bricks by themselves.
One of the important purposes of practical help is to teach local brothers technical skills they do not know or have not yet mastered. Working together also gives many opportunities for personal conversations that result in mutual blessing. The local brothers repeatedly remind me of the spiritual blessing that goes along with the visit of a building team. A big meeting hall, three dormitories and other constructions have been built after many years of hard labour by the local brothers and sisters, with the help of brothers from abroad.

10 July 2018